Choosing the Right Floorplan

Buying a manufactured or modular home can be an exciting experience, but there are many factors to consider before making a purchase like … choosing the perfect floorplan! When choosing a floorplan, it’s important to think about several different factors including your family size, lifestyle, and personal preferences. Determine Your Budget Before you start looking […]

Kitchen Hardware

You have made all the selections for your new kitchen… the lighting, the cabinets, the countertop, the backsplash but just one selection remains…the cabinet hardware. It may seem like such a small decision, but the hardware can help tie together and solidify the style of the space. At Commodore Homes of Pennsylvania we offer several […]

Let’s get Trendy | Vol. 2

The Marlo backsplash is the statement piece you’ve been looking for!

Let’s Get Trendy

What’s New with Commodore Homes of Pennsylvania!

Why Your Builder is Your Go-To Guide!

Finding the right model for you or your family is our top priority and as the manufacturer we strive to produce the very best homes. We network through qualified builders across the Northeast, New England, and Mid-Atlantic regions to bring the Commodore Home of Pennsylvania name to you. The first step in your home buying […]

Designing with Debbie

Lumber Costs Skyrocket

As the price of lumber rises, so does the market value of the average new multifamily home. According to Random Lengths, there has been a 130% increase since mid-April, which translates to over $6K in market value as of August 21st, 2020. Prices continue to rise even after stats are ran. ‘The price of the […]

Illuminating Change

Ready for the Fall season, but not entirely ready to let go of Summer? Sherwin Williams new August Color of the Month- Perle Noir is here to ease you into the coming season. Accented the perfect lighting fixture and light hues of summer, this cool charcoal tone will illuminate any room in your favorite Commodore […]

Richland Elite

Our Richland Elite GF3010 is a three bedroom two bathroom ranch. A formal entry leading to a home tailor made for entertaining; for private time the Hearth Room will suit your needs perfectly. This home has it all, large bedrooms, utility space, drop zones, large secondary bathroom. See the photos for all the great features.